New Facebook Business Page Layout: What You Need to Know

Facebook recently released a brand new Facebook Business Page layout, and it does not disappoint. If you have been following Facebook’s recent activities you would have noted their various updates for business. Although this update seems to only benefit Facebook Business Pages, it’s something new for users to be happy about too.

This year alone, we have been introduced to the new Facebook Pixel, Facebook Messenger Updates for Business, Facebook Local Insights for Business, and the news that Facebook Ads will now be targeting non-members – just to name a few! This brings no surprise that Facebook has also been working on a polished new facelift for Business Pages.

These are the major changes that have been made to the new Facebook Business Page layout:

  1. Cover Photo

Cover photos are now fully exposed. No more worrying about the profile photo covering text or image that is important for your brand. This is a great opportunity to utilize the Facebook Cover Photo as an advertising billboard for your brand.

  1. Profile Picture and Tabs

The main profile picture now appears on the top left-hand side, totally detached from the cover photo, and tabs are now located underneath the profile picture area. The new layout allows for all tabs to be displayed as the Business Page’s menu. In addition, the main photo and tabs stay static while page visitors scroll through the timeline.

  1. Navigation Tools

All of the remaining Facebook tools that were previously on the left side have moved to the right side of the page, including page information, apps, and photos. However, the call to action button remains in the same general area, below the cover photo, with a new call to action (CTA) button, which reads ‘Send Email’.

Furthermore, there is now a more noticeable blue Promote button under the navigation menu on the left. The insights overview section is front and center, directly underneath the Post/Status box for advertisers ease.

First Impressions of the new Facebook Business Page layout?

I’m pretty impressed with the new clean and easy-to-navigate look and can see many benefits for all parties. However, I want to hear from you! What do you think about the new Facebook Business Page?

Facebook is further pushing business’ to invest and spend in their advertising space. And why wouldn’t you? With over 1.4 billion users and access to non-members, the collective audience data is valuable to any business!


xoxo,Lindsey Rae Glosson


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